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Over the past few years, the penetration of mobile devices has been increasing in every domain and it can be hard to remain untouched by this revolution.

As per the research studies, nearly 6.1 billion mobile devices will be owned by the 70% population in the world. To tap this unprecedented user base, we need a mobile app or website. Friendvilla provides a small effort on this.

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Our Route

App Development for Startups

An idea has the power to build empires. We know the power of an idea and help the start-up businesses to streamline the idea in the right direction, design, develop and launch their app successfully.

Android App Development

Make an app for the fastest growing android community and connect with the largest pool of Android users across the globe.

Mobile UI

Create customized and amiable Mobile User Interface Design with us to impress users with the entrancing layout and making the app user-friendly to the maximum extent.

Discover our App

Currently we are not availabe as application. But after a few days, you can download us from our official website or makeroid store or App-inbuild share link or other third party platforms.

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Do more with our app


Schedule Your Special Events

Want to Wish Some One Special, Want to Wish With Special Look & Special Way

Then hurry up and tell us you heart"s desire on or before 7days, we will arranged it for you.

Set reminder when you want(Upcoming)

Do you forgot events, Do you forgot to wish, Do you forgot any special day

Don"t warry lets easily handle it with Festy. Basically festy send you notification for pre scheduled events, also you can set a reminder for any special events or dates.


Realtime Messaging service

Facing problem to using Festy, Geting some error, Showing worng event or date

Then our messaging service is ready to help. Just contact us through option with detail information. We will knocked you back as soon as possible, so feel free to contact.

Live chat when you needed(Upcoming)

Need instant support, Need to setup an ergent event

Use festy live chat feature. We are always ready for our members and we are glad to support you. so lets chat.

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Advertise In Our App

If you want to advertise your contents such as products, website, app etc; then simply contact us through contact us section.

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    Create an Account

    When you open first time festy, a temporary account created automatically. After set your defalt name you can access festy completely free of cost.

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    Share with friends

    Spread your love through festy. You can share this in every popular social platform. So keep sharing.

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    Enjoy your life

    Enjoy your every single feeling with festy. When you want, whare you want and how you want. Just a single touch in your phone.


What our Users Says


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Festy?

Festy is a festival wishing app which allow you to wish any festival through dynamic style.

I can"t wish any one, getting error?

When you first time open festy app, it asked for your defult name. When you set your name then you can wish any event. After that if still you facing problem then contact support team.

I can"t find some current month"s festival?

In yearly festival list you can find current year"s all mejor festival. And in home page you can find current month"s festival. If there are some festival not listed, then you can tell us. We will update as required.

I want to wish some special event or i want to create a special event?

In this case you can contact our team and tell about your event in details, Festy team will manage it if possible.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

*Works on Android Kitkat and above.

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